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Mod Update # 9a: Date:06/29/2018

Updated Ula Class to remove active sonar based on input from an Ula Submariner. Thanks LCDR for your continued help on the Ula. Note: The game didn't like just setting ActiveSonarModel=FALSE to accomplish this (probably because the HUD has a hardcoded button for active mode) so I had to get a little creative. It appears to be working. Let me know if any issues occur.

Fixed a couple of ship name typos in 2004 Russian campaign. This may have been the cause of the blank mission screens in the campaign.

Akula II and Sierra II submarines should propelry display now in the signatures panel in the campaign as well.

Added the OHIO SSGN back into the 2004 Campaign as a playable sub.

Added UK and Norwegian Subs to playable subs in Quick Missions 2004 option.

As always, let me know of any issues encountered.
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