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VEAO April Bae Hawk T.M1 update
Hi Guys,
Here is a quick update on Hawk for April.

We have been battling with the sound API for DCS getting custom engine sounds working.
Our friends at Razbam have been helping us out trading ideas for what we've done and what they've done. More heads are better than one...

So far we have working cockpit engine sounds and are still working on external sounds using the API.

That being said, the EFM will be released in the upcoming 2.0.2 patch first (due to release schedule) which will give you the opportunity to fly and give us feedback.
It will then be in the next 1.5 patch whenever that is.

I'd like to thank you for your patience in waiting whilst we work through these issues.

Look out for the upcoming patch notes posted by ED.

We have been reviewing comments on the updated textures and are working to optimise them a little more, plus working on other details to make the whole cockpit better.

More News to the front.....

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