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Originally Posted by Kaleun Klink View Post
I've been playing Jutland scenarios off and on for several years, and I've been pretty happy (with the game, not my naval tactical skills). Last week I started my first campaign -- just so I know what to expect, what's broken in campaign play? (Apart from magical teleportation.)

So far I haven't noticed any obvious bugs -- although I have noted some pretty big limitations, like the inability to set sailing times or speeds, or otherwise coordinate actions between task forces, and the lack of any task force status/info screen (which would fit nicely in that big ol' unused right half of the screen, next to the map).
Yeah, I still like to play it. I did purchase Steam and Iron, and its good as well, you can design what if ships and it also has a scenario editor, but the graphics aren't much. I mostly play single scenarios with Jutland and not the campaign anymore. Apart from the teleportation, I haven't really had much problem with the Campaign, it seems to work ok for me. By the way, War Plan Pacific is a fun game, really like it!

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