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The real question is how did they arrive at the brilliant conclusion that locking down the data files so that the game cannot be modded was in anyone's best interest... theirs included?

The control interface is a disaster... there's not much that can be done about that... but almost everything else that ails (plagues) this game could have been corrected and significantly enhanced by modders. That includes textures, 3d models, database errors, the faulty assumptions and bad research (that resulted in a severe case of Deutschland Uber Alles syndrome), etc., etc., etc.

There is no doubt in my mind.. and I suspect most of the folks who have been around this forum for a while and witnessed the evolution of SH3, SH4, and perhaps even SH5 (as well as numerous other mod friendly games such as Oblivion, the Total War series, etc.) would agree... that modding would have significantly enhanced interest in this game series and, by extension, sales. Instead they adopted the close minded approach and made everything proprietary... most likely in a misguided attempt to drive revenue through a series of zero effort "add-ons" such as the USN ship pack.

In my (very disappointed) humble opinion, of course.

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