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Originally Posted by HS
Ok, thanks. But how can I find/ see the center or the radius on the map afterwards (eg in order to check them or to remember their exact position a few days later)?
Is there a way you can tweak your settings in this forum so your quoted text isn't in white? I can't see it very well at all because I've got a very light background color, so I have to highlight it like the spoiler posts in the Fallout 3 forum .

Anyway, to answer your question, I'm afraid there's no graphical representation of patrol areas on the campaign map. I've mentioned this several times but I guess it will take customer complaints to make it happen. Thus, go to the bug report server and send in a SUGGESTION-type message to this effect.

For the time being, about the best you can do is hit F3 to bring up the shipping lanes map overlay. This highlights map hexes and odds are some will be near where you want to patrol, so you can guage distance from them. Also, beside the cursor you can see the map coordinates for a given hex. So. you can move the mouse around the map and note the coordinates in the patrol area, which will help you determine the radius you want.
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