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Originally Posted by 33lima View Post
Agreed, but they'd needto improve on the way carrier ops are implemented (no CAP, carrier groups always starting in gun range of enemies) - compared to AF-PC anyway, never played PF.

Victory at Sea is worth a go if you haven't already - somewhat basic ship models but continuous gameplay, covers the PTO as well as Atlantic and Med, and includes amphibious ops/land base attacks:

110% agree on the CVs starting WAY too close in AF. I read the readme for AF for the first time yesterday and apparently you can have CAP but you have to put up the fighters first, so basically your giving up 4 turns before you can attack with your CVs (ready fighters, launch fighters, ready bombers, launch bombers) it also says that while you can arm the fighters for strike they will be more effective if they are just armed with guns/cannons.
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