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New Update 1.1.0 available

FIX: replaced "secure from battlestations" sound with just "battlestations"
FIX: changed spelling of menue to menu
MOD: status screen has higher resolution
MOD: heading is shown relative to the submarine
MOD: new crew of submarine at bridge
MOD: font in detail map is better readable
MOD: loading/saving incredibly simplified
MOD: tripled shells damage
MOD: overall tonnage is now also shown during patrol
MOD: lowered range of ships spotting while in periscope depth
MOD: when submerged destroyers only start look for you when the first torpedo hit
NEW: medal awards
NEW: depth gauge plus periscope depth button
NEW: rudder and speed gauge
NEW: compass and engine telegraph
NEW: 3d command center

SILENT DEPTH the submarine simulation for your mobile device

Silent Depth Manual
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