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Nice screenshots, been following this thread by a long time.

I don't know on what level of development the game is, but I believe you should already plan how you gonna release it or obtain funding: I mean like setting up a Indiegogo or Patreon, besides a discord server. A clear example in my mind would be "Gunner, HEAT, PC" a indie tanksim that, in many aspects, is analogous to your project. They are releasing some alphas to the their patreon backers, and getting suggestion and bug reports in their Discord.

Also, you sure know of some Microprose Projects like "Task Force Admiral" and "Sea Power" (this last one also a Cold War naval/aerial combat sim, but not unit foscused like yours).

I'm quite happy to know the direction you are going, as I believe that - realistic - your game would not stand a chance (salewise speaking) against Sea Power (multiple devs backed by a publisher, and a more "mainstream" focus). I believe you're going for something unique, and thus won't directly compete against them, probably even benefit from more exposure due to newcomers to the genre.
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