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Default [UPDATE] SH3Speech - Speech Recognition in English & German for SH3!

SHSpeech is a program written by minsc_tdp that allows you to give commands via a microphone attached to your computer into your game. Minsc originally made this program for use in SH4. Minsc and I collaborated to generate a conversion of SHSpeech for SH3, SH3Speech. Unlike other voice command programs you may have used in the past (such as Game Commander or SHOOT), SH3Speech will not only send keypresses, it will move the mouse on screen, automagically pressing the correct button or dragging the correct dial to carry out your orders!

Download the latest Version (1.01 12 March 08) of SH3Speech here (4.2 MB):
SH3Speech V 1.01

For those who have an older version of SH3Speech currently installed: Please use JSGME to remove SH3Speech_GWX or SH3Speech_OLC from your SH3 game BEFORE you install this latest version!

First and foremost, this is meant as a realism mod: On a real U-Boat, as Kaleun, you order your crew to do things, and the crew acknowledges and carries out your orders – you aren’t running about operating all the equipment yourself. That is where SH3Speech comes in. Using SH3Speech, you do the same thing a real-life submarine skipper does – you order your crew, they carry out the orders. Features include:
  • Over 5000 recognizable commands, in both English and German – if an order makes logical sense, the program will most likely understand your order
  • Commands are easily customizable to allow you to add or remove voice commands
  • Use Press to Talk key (user selectable) or “Open Mike” mode (user selectable)
  • Works in any resolution (with some simple modifications to the batch files)
  • Easy to install – "One Click Installer" to put all files in the right place and JSGME ready
    • If you have an older version of SH3Speech installed, use JSGME to remove SH3Speech_GWX or SH3Speech_OLC from SH3
    • Doubleclick on the SH3Speech_V101.exe file. Follow prompts. Enter your main SH3 folder location when prompted. The installer will overwrite older SH3Speech files and install the correct updated files
    • Open JSGME. Using JSGME, install SH3Speech_GWX or SH3Speech_OLC
    • If running SH3 at a resolution other than 1024x768, follow instructions in the installation readme to put your resolution into the correct .bat file and that's it!
  • Works with “Stock” SHIII with patch 1.4b, GWX 2.0, and GWX 2.0+OLC GUI
  • Give course commands (“Come right 30 degrees”), rudder commands (“Right 20 degrees rudder”), depth orders (“Make your depth 25 meters”, “Sehrohr tiefe!”), speed orders (“Make turns for 8 knots”), engine orders (“Wahnsinnige fahrt voraus!” or “All Ahead Flank!”) and literally thousands of other orders in either German or English.
  • Extremely immersive
  • Does not prevent use of keypresses or mouse movement
  • 18 page Interior Communications Handbook provided which lists all recognized orders
  • NEW in V 1.01! Support for commands_de.cfg included - no need for German speakers to run SH3 in English to use SH3Speech!
  • NEW in V 1.01! No need to order "I have ___ tubes" or "Reset Tubes" No more problems with synchonizing tubes! Methods provided to allow for you to have all tubes open at once (see IKH V 1.01 and/or V 1.01 FAQ)
  • NEW in V 1.01! New orders for battlestations and over 60 new / revised and more correct orders in German (thanks, Jaeger!)

Innenkommunikattionen Handbuch V 1.01 (written in English, but with German orders and pronunciation included)

SH3Speech V 1.01 Installation Readme

SH3Speech V 1.01 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SH3Speech V 1.01 Change Log

  • Microsoft Speech Recognition Application 5.1 (SAPI 5.1) must be installed. Download free here:
  • Microphone capable of providing input to your computer via your sound card
  • SH3 stock (patch 1.4b), GWX 2, or GWX 2 + OLC GUI
Please read the readme information in the SH3Speech\docs folder!!!!

Post problems to this thread. Enjoy, Herr Kaleun!

Download the latest Version (1.01 12 March 08) of SH3Speech here (4.2 MB):
SH3Speech V 1.01

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