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Default Restoring the USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr.

Found (okay, rediscovered) these two web sites earlier today:

They really show the amount of hard work and dedication needed to keep a museum ship in good condition and displayed with as much historical accuracy as possible. I last went to Battleship Cove in July, 2009, and based on recent photos I've seen of her, the ship looks substantially nicer than it did three years ago. Here's a list of work done over a four day period alone back in 2011:


  • Repaired lighting in compartment A-411A
  • Repaired Passageway light in the forward officers passage
  • Repaired coffee brewing machine
  • Restored ventilation and lighting to Mt 51
  • Rewired controller and start switch on No #1 air compressor in the Aft Engineroom.
  • Repaired and relocated pressure switch on No #1 air compressor in the Aft Engineroom
  • Repaired lights in B-4 Aft Engine Room.
  • Isolated and repaired switchboard grounds in DASH hangar
  • Fixed wiring on lower level B-3 Aft Fireroom

Mechanical Maintenance
  • Removed all vent covers for summer service
  • Sealed 2" pipe on torpedo deck
  • Repaired and closed all hinged covers on torpedo mounts
  • Repaired and sealed optical doors on Mt 51 to prevent water intrusion into the gun mount.
  • Installed watertight door mechanism on door (01 level to torpedo deck, port side)
  • Fixed door to Burke Museum

Special Projects
  • Bow to stern bilge crawl--photo documentation of hull conditions
  • Bow to stern bilge crawl--ultrasound of hull, selected areas on main deck
  • B-4 bilge cleaning of all pockets for debris.

Painting Projects (Major man power efforts was given here)

  • Prep and priming of interior of Mt 51.
  • Needle gunning and wire wheeling the overhead and bulkheads of the starboard side main deck forward of the breakwater.
  • Use of needle gun, and deck crawler to prep and prime the fantail.
  • Use of deck crawler to prep and then paint the DASH flight deck.
  • Prep, prime, and finish coat to 25 feet of overhead on the port side main deck. This is the last area on the port side main deck needed to be completed.
  • Prepped, primed and painted the port side signal deck and bridge wing. Continued to prep and prime forward rail of Signal Deck as well.

General Restoration
  • Cleaned out ASROC magazine of spare and unwanted material.
  • Completed upholstery restoration on Messdecks.
  • Added protective coatings to Bridge wing wooden trim.
  • Made new Plexiglas panel for wing urinal and changed out mounting hardware to stainless steel.
  • Installed and secured both bridge wing voice tube weather covers.
  • Installed fire wand retainer bracket port side main deck at Frame 80
  • Installed CO2 Foam canister rack in main passageway that was taken from HORNE.

Field Day specific
  • Manned Galley and Messdecks to provide meals to all hands from Thursday night to Sunday morning.
  • Cleaned, sorted, and manned storeroom for field day.
  • Participated in "Meet the Veterans" program
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