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Originally Posted by Feuer Frei! View Post
Ok. Cool.
Well, after the first 2 games with upgraded KV, didn't i come down with a thud. Being matched up the next 3 games with tier 8 and 9's! Needless to say, i didn't fair too well. IS's, Loewe's, T30's, i was either towards the bottom half of the rung, and in fact 1 game second-last.
I know the feeling but I must say I don't do so bad in those high tier matches with my KV...I'm not a beast but I can be a pest
shooting them to their sides and rear is going to be your best bet to do at least some damage to them and stick with you bigger teammates so you at least last a while.

heck I can penetrate a löwe and that puts that overbloated premium junk in it's place HA!

The 76 on a KV-2 Turret! Oh dear!
stupid actually the Turret doesn't provide you any advantage (no extra armor or visibility range) over the old does however provide the enemy a nice place to pop shots at and they do hurt!

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