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Default Em 2.24 Tweaks Ver 4 (IV) Depth mod + SnS Hide Mod

k ive made this mod for those that want a choice on Depth arrow keys

i also added

SnS Comp Hider options as well for those that want to use that also for a harder game

its under :

Downloads / Coldwaters / GamePlay Mods

Epic mod ver 2.24 Tweaked files Ver 4 Depth & SnS Comp Hide Mod

1.)------------------Depth Manouvering changes

This helm depth Mod allows you to change the Helm arrow keys Depth increments

Choices are :

50 ft on arrows

100 ft on arrows

2.)------------------Depth Manouvering changes + SnS Comp Hide Versions

This Dose exactly what the above mod dose but also hides the Enemy Sonar Sensor Values

as you wont know the enemy's sensor levels it will also mean using the identification book to look up what sensors are equipped on the various contacts to gauge their sensor capability's

this plus experience of the vessels over time will give a good added depth to judging when you are in danger of being detected

also you will need to take in to account the conditions more so ect ;

is their a thermal layer & Duct

how loud is the back ground ocean noise

how close is the ocean floor

& how loud your own vessel is

as these factors will matter in how close you can safely get without fear of being detected

as not knowing what the enemy can see Sensor wise will make it harder to know when you in danger of being Detected

Choices are :

50 ft on arrows + SnS Comp Hide

100 ft on arrows + SnS Comp Hide


this mod requires Epic Mod 2.24 to be installed first & my 5.6 - Epic mod ver 2.24 tweaks Ver 4 (IV) so you need both

First Unzip------ this file

its going to be best to replace the original file without mod installer as this can cause problems if too many Assembly
files are stacked so

To install simple replace the ( Assembly-CSharp )

so find this path :

Cold Waters\MODS\5.6 - Epic mod ver 2.24 tweaks Ver 4\ColdWaters_Data\Managed

and delete ( Assembly-CSharp ) then pop the one you want in replacement files are :

" 50 FEET Helm Depth Mod folder " ( Standard Cold waters Version Depth )
" 100 FEET Helm Depth Mod folder " ( Original Mod Version )


"SnS Hide + 50 FEET Helm Depth Mod folder" ( Standard Cold waters Version Depth + SnS Hidden )
"SnS Hide + 100 FEET Helm Depth Mod folder" ( Original Mod Version + SnS Hidden )

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!! Use the mod installer to remove ( 5.6 - Epic mod ver 2.24 tweaks Ver 4 ) then RE-ENABLE it before
launching Cold Waters. after swapping the ( Assembly-CSharp ) File.



any problems just message me on Subsim

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