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Default Epic Mod 2.24 Tweaks Version 4 (IV)

5.6 - Epic mod ver 2.24 tweaks Ver 4 Mod

is up and in the downloads / coldwaters / Gameplay mods section

1.)------------------Sound changes

this mod adds my NEW Crew Mic voices i made ive tried to get this the best that i can with mic bleeps and voice sounds & what department section is reporting.

3000 feet call out mod Ver II

this voices depth up to 3000 Feet also
ive added Depth hull pressure noises at fixed intervals they play when you use the dive plans to dive

New torpedo tube SFX mod & External Tube Sounds

New reworked Torpedo engines sounds

New Deck gun Sounds with reverb / mechanical / ejected shell effects

New Towed array out & in sounds

New Ultra quiet on/off sound

(this i recorded my self then reworked my voice using software ill redo it when i get a better mic at some point)

New cavitation sound

New Nuclear sub sound

New Diesel sub sound

New Diesel crew sounds for when its not a nuclear vessel so :


(this i recorded my self then reworked my voice using software ill redo it when i get a better mic at some point)

Fire & Flooding Sfx for Control Room
so when the Conn takes fire or Flooding Damage you can hear it

2.)------------------Depth Displays & Maneuvering changes

the helm depth arrow keys are now 100 ft increments so depth is

100 ft on arrows

50 ft on increase decrease depth keys

10 ft on increase decrease depth keys + shift

the displayed depth has been increased to 11000 feet so you can all ways find the sea floor

also the set depth readout can now show up to 11000 feet as well

3.)-------Tactical Game Changes

The towed array can now be used at 45 feet minimum or 14 meters ish i did this so in noisy sea condition it can help as well as ESM/Periscope

you still need

200 feet / 60 meters above the sea floor like it was for before tho to deploy the Array

also the maximum sonar error range has been reduced by 75% so its should be more accurate now

4.)------------------ssn_virginia replacer

ive have also included my virginia replacer model as a option so you can use it if you want to

5.)------------------Mod Fixes

also ive noticed a few missing vessels in single player that were not added to the ship rosta so it was impossible to id em till you get auto id so ive added those and reordered the rosta too so now its better to use for western side so :

soviet subs first then soviet warships ect better order i think

also if you find more missing vessels let me know

6.)------------------Custom Config Changes

this Version has my custom Config as well for better Realism Data Wise

ive also restored the (TestDepthAddition * 1.5) which affects the crush depth to the original Cold waters 1.5 rating so

take test Depth then times by 1.5 then -1.75 to get result ect

skipjack test depth on my game is 950 then times X this by 1.5 = 1,425 then - 1.75 so crush depth is 1,423 FEET

so a sturgeon with test depth of 1320 feet will crush at about 1,978 feet

REMEMBER DAMAGE reduces crush depth by about 50%

my config factors sea states , rain and thermal conditions to my set levels that i think are about right within the limitations of coldwaters data wise.

[Difficulty Settings]

I have made all of these 1 which means realistic so no advantage or disadvantage is given on hull points or reload times ect.

this is what i use so no matter what Difficulty setting you use or is scripted on a Campaign or Missions you get a realistic game.

[Difficulty Settings Campaign]

for the Campaign were left as was so Number of ASW do still increase as difficulty is Increased also handicap,s or Bonus Points are still valid.


this mod requires Epic Mod 2.24 to be installed first

once you have downloaded it ---UNZIP IT THEN put the mod folder were your cold waters EXE file is Easy way is to RIGHT CLICK on your cold waters icon with mouse then
go to Open file location

when this is done copy the mods folder and the Epicmod Install program were coldwaters exe is once mod folder is added their use mod installer to add your options

and id add this mod last in the load order so for example :

1. Epic Mod 2.24 (Main Mod)
3.2 ( All 3 control panels are visible and are attached to the right of minimap)
5.6 - Epic mod ver 2.24 tweaks Ver 4
7.4 Epic mod ver 2.24 ssn_virginia

to launch coldwaters just use your normal desktop icon as per usual

To install simple put the

" 5.6 - Epic mod version 2.24 tweaks Ver 4 folder "


"7.4 Epic mod ver 2.24 ssn_virginia folder"

in to the MODS folder then install with Epic mod Install application



any problems just message me on Subsim

Steel Shark
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