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The German boats are in the same "Data / Submarine" folder as the US subs. For the subs, you might have to change the *.cfg file in the "Data / Roster / Country / Submarine" folder, as well as the one in the "Data / Submarine / SubName" folder. The SubName.upc file for the American subs, and the SubName.upcge files have to have their dates changed. In the "Data / UPCDataGE / UPCUnitsData" you would possibly have to changes dates in the Ammunition.upc, UnitPartsXSubName.upc, UpgradePacks.upc and Weapons.upc, if applicable to the submarine. The actual weapons are in the Library folder, and the turms are in the Objects folder, but there aren't any cfg files in there that I remember... can't think of any others off the top of my head... ETR3(SS) would have it for you in a jiffy. We gotta find that feller...

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