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Default Speaking of Hardware Failure...

Seems to be a trend here.....

The video card I posted the Benchmarks of here:

Is appearently now non-functional, sorta...

Short-ish version:

I was having freezing trouble in Mass Effect 1 in WINE if I stayed in the menu for too long...
That eventually started happening on the desktop too.
Booting to the terminal, it was fine for several hours.

I tried re-installing the system, tweaking settings, new boot parameters, nothing fixed it completely.

Now here is the weird part.
Copying files from one drive to another continued AFTER the screen froze.
The mouse would also still work when the screen froze.

There were some power management bugs in AMDGPU in Linux.

So after about 2 months of running my old R9 380, I decided to test again. And it is still freezing (big suprise there)...

I left it running loading KSP, and when I returned it had frozen about half-way through the loading process.
I turned the system off, pulled the card out, and the metal backing/re-inforcement plate is very warm to the touch.
Almost too warm to touch over the GPU.

The fans are spinning... SO, my thought is either
A: it really is toast
B: maybe I need to crank the fans up to maximum and see if that helps...

Either way I checked prices on the Vega 56 and 64 earlier.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Sarcastic Remarks?


P.S. This is more of me "thinking out loud" than anything else...
So feel free, if nothing else, to post about your failed hardware.

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