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Originally Posted by Julhelm View Post
To be fair, Pacific Fleet was never intended as an ultra-hardcore simulation.
No certainly not and I'm by no means knocking a product that i myself have purchased and had countless hours of fun playing. Pacific Fleet rocks, its fun, it looks good, it plays well and i literally have nothing bad to say about it at all in the least

Originally Posted by Julhelm View Post
the majority of the feedback we got was that customers want more realism, not less. That's why in Atlantic Fleet we've focused on taking what simulation we had and making it more realistic, with higher fidelity systems damage, better ballistics and armor penetration, simulated firecontrol table and so on.
Im foaming at the mouth to get my hands on Atlantic fleet

Originally Posted by Julhelm View Post
I don't necessarily agree that portable gaming has to be bad or less than on the PC. You should remember that before we released Pacific Fleet, there was pretty much no serious naval games outside of Battleship clones on the platforms. It is very hard for a small self-funded team to compete on PC with the demands for realism and graphics fidelity that platform has. And with WOTA the mobiles will have what will probably be the most realistic Type VII simulation ever.
I agree, and comparing something like pacific fleet to an in depth silent hunter type game is really apples to oranges.

but for those looking for something in depth and hard core, currently some of the naval games available aren't filling the void (not that they are intended to)

for those of you who have iphone or ipad etc and have not tried Pacific Fleet

you are missing out
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