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Ahhh ofc, I forgot I'd need to adapt that. No problem, this RA database thing has a gui sensor editor thing

P.S. "TA"?

EDIT: Gah, this database thing isn't saving what I edit properly :/ I tried just switching what the ship's stats are to the Perry class, so I could test it... I'll see if I can manually edit the db with a text editor or exel or sommet.

EDIT 2: Ok, I just realised you had to click "save" to ... save... the database. XD But no, changing the stats to the Perry does not work. The search goes on, I guess....

EDIT 3: Right, I've recognise that although you can change the "object ID", you can't change the "object" type it links to, and all it's stats, like sensors and launchers. I'll try adding it to the Perry ship class, whilst keeping the Type 45 object id. :S

EDIT 4: Ok, that didn't work. And neither did assigning the ship the same object id and type as the Perry. :stumped face:

EDIT 5: Well, I'm stumped at what to do to make the Type 45 actually workable, so whilst I await some help or come across some magical document to aid me, I assigned the Perry object the Type 45 destroyer 3D models.

However, the animations don't work and the mesh coordinates are messed up, as I just changed the file strings, not the whole thing. This will all change when I get the Type 45 working properly

And then maybe some other classes like the Astute and the Invincible, for funzies ^^

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