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14 June 1942
Emperor furious as his battleships bombard an empty port, the Grey Ghost nowhere to be seen...

A measure of payback for the S-40, an enemy destroyer-minesweeper hit a sub-laid mine adjacent to the S-40s old patrol area, very likely sinking it. The idea had been if he'd detected one, he'd steer towards the other. I guess he ran over both.

Darwin and the Enterprise
Yamato, Hiei, and Haruna stood off from Darwin, bombarding it at long range to avoid my shore batteries getting involved. The shelling caused major damage to the runways at the airbase, moderate damage to the service bays, and moderate personnel casualties. Overall, nothing that can't be rebuilt or replaced, and a very disappointing result for the largest battleship in the world that thought it was going to catch a carrier under repair. Only the Hudsons were left at the airbase, and they escaped damage. The port was completely empty, I had all the remaining ships scatter to nearby ports at top speed. The enemy force left to the northeast. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back next turn to hit us with secondary batteries. so I'm not having any planes return yet--we need to repair the runways first, anyway.

USS Hornet has been spotted by Rabaul's aircraft passing the Horn Island chokepoint, but not Enterprise. With the chokepoint now behind us, my submarines there have been reassigned to normal patrols. The elevated aircraft presence will continue for the time being. VF-6 and VT-6 are redeploying to coastal airbases along Enterprise's path. VS-6 and VB-6 for now will remain near Darwin for ASUW support, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to see if operating from Darwin will become feasible or desirable in the next few days.

Enemy Zeroes swept Darwin and were met by the fighters formerly based there flying a long-range CAP. We shot down 3 with one P-39 lost.

A sweep on Raheng took down 4 of our P-40s, we got 1 Oscar.

Nothing yet. I'm probably leaving the dive bombers here even after the all clear is signaled.
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