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2 June 1942

We got to their bombers over Keifeng again--7 Anns downed with no losses on our side. They didn't shoot any B-17s down outright, but one succumbed to its damage on the way back and another was too badly damaged to be repaired.

Timor Sea
B-17s hit Koepang again. 4 Zeroes went down thanks to the gunners. The raid caused moderate facility damage, plus an Oscar blown up on the ground and 2 ships in port hit with 500lb bombs.

The enemy sub presence at Darwin appears to be significantly diminished.

An air raid targeted Benkoelen; P-40s diverted from Palembang and splashed two Zeroes but the raid otherwise got through. There really isn't much there for the strike to be of significance beyond the air battle, though.

The KB continues on a northerly course, more towards Rabaul or Truk than Darwin. It hasn't reached the Solomon Sea yet, so it's not too late for it to turn west. It would almost be disappointing if it didn't come, I've been scrambling to arrange a greeting party so much the last few turns. But without knowing if he has another plan in the works, if the KB doesn't go to Darwin, the chances of the Enterprise's survival shoot way, way up.

Thailand and Burma
An air raid targeted my retreating troops; they'll have a CAP tomorrow.
A Hudson bombed an enemy sub outside Rangoon.
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