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Originally Posted by Zero Niner View Post
Jan 1942, I am patrolling the area between Palau and Truk when I come across a Japanese merchant dead in the water which I sink.
Subsequently on my return to Pearl Harbor I came across another Japanese merchant, also dead in the water but this time on fire. This was SW of Oahu and closer to Hawaii than to Wake Is which is held by the Japanese.

Thought that the FOTRS crew might want to know.
This would be better served on the last page of the mod release thread, since it is part of the development of future versions. As is mentioned, you are not alone in the game with the FotRSU mod, and surface vessels as well as airplanes and other subs can indeed attack "enemy" vessels. As for the proximity to Pearl, if you are near French Frigate shoals, there were indeed attempts for supply vessels, and later submarines, to use French Frigate Shoals as a fuel stop for airplanes bound for Pearl reconnaissance and bombing missions. Most attempts at such failed. Also, there is the shipping from / to Wake to / from Eniwetok and other locations in the Marshalls that might seem close to Pearl.

Now, as to the report, what sub are you in, where did you sail from, what date did you encounter these ships? What were the circumstances encountered? Had you just been sailing through a storm? Did you encounter other Allied assets nearby? What ship was it you encountered dead in the water? There are hundreds of groups in quite a few files in the game, and it is nigh on impossible to find any suspects without some detail to do so with. The 1.46 version should have all ships that go "dead" in the water repaired. However, if you were using v1.39 and updated to v1.46 and did not empty your Save folder, you would still encounter these issues that involved a dozen or more ships like that. Let us know what you know, please!

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