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Hi Stiebler!

Ive two questions please...

First question regarding to Surrender/Abandon Option and this from your .pdf Manual:

If you have been rescued by U-boat, you may legitimately start a new career, to begin after the date you were sunk at sea, even for the Dead-Is-Dead players.
Can you please a little more explain, how to start a new career after I became the message, that Ive been rescued by a U-Boat?

Let us assume, that Ive been rescued by an U-Boat ingame Date at e.g. 25.02.1941. Then I start a new career at 01.03.1941 with the same captain name?! But when I do this, I loss my medals and renown from my old career, or? I mean, I start a new career after that Ive been rescued, but without any medals or renown? Is this so correct?

Or can you please more explain the procedere to start a new career after rescue by an U-Boat please?!

And second question regarding to Weather Meter:

When I use this option, I must before I start a patrol enable the "Stealth-Meter" Option on, that is clear! But this has the effect, that my Realism-Percent-Value goes deeper, when you know what I mean?

E.g. before I enable the Stealth-Meter Option I play with, let us say, 91% Realism, after I enable the Option, the Realism-Percent-Value is only by 89% (or similar, I dont know exactly).

Is there a solution to fix this? I mean, altough I enable the Option my Realism Value remains at 91%!

Best regards and thx in forward,

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