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I hope you are all staying healthy and are having a good start of the new year!
Allthough last year was crappy in maaaany ways, it saw good progress for Battleship Command!
As many may know, I've been learning programing and 3D-modelling as I work on Battleship Command, and during 2020 I made many revelations regarding performance and graphics.
So in the demo, that is very near, you'll (compared to the april 2020 demo) spot much better graphics and performance.
I have changed the way textures and models are loaded into the simulation and improved the UV-maps, this has resulted in:
-Loading times reduced to a few seconds, from what was a few minutes before.
-Ram usage reduced to aprox 1.2gb instead of 4-5gb as in previous versions.
This all have of course improved the frame rates which has allowed for higher resolution of for example the water mesh!


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