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Icon7 Looking for info on Griffiss AFB (KRME)

I'm working on bringing some old AFB's back to FS2002.

Finding good info on KRME is spotty. I've been using sources like Wiki and Google Earth (the Historical View option is very handy) to figure out parking spots for the bombers, tankers, and fighters that were stationed there.

The fighters and tankers- well, I think I figured out how they parked and which ramps they used. The bombers I'm less sure about. I think they used the main ramp but parked in a "drive thru" manner that turns them 90 degrees from typical FS parking. Then, there's the Alert Area for bombers and tankers. I don't include Alert parking because it operates outside the normal FS rules, but I'd still like to know where they parked.

If you grew up or were stationed at Griffiss, I'd really like to hear from you.

There are AFCAD (taxiway and parking) files for Griffiss, but they are meant for FS9(2004) and FSX which means that they rarely play well in FS2002.

In case anyone's interested, I'm also fine-tuning FS2002 AFCAD files for Castle AFB (KMER), K.I. Sawyer AFB (KSAW), Wurtsmith AFB (KOSC) and Fairchild AFB (KSKA) and I'll upload them at once they are finished.
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