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Default Fixing Blind Type IX Boats from U-Boat Compilation

All Modders,

Is there someone who can fix the blind Type IX Boats from the U-Boat Compilation?

Ivanov Rus suggested using the following technique:

"Hi,with S3d open in Uboat compilation\data\Library\Sensors.dat\node-Visual \,and set-PreciseRange=12 500 ,MaxRange=16 000
First disable mod with Jsgme
I think it will work out"

I cannot get S3D to work for me, not unusual. Is there someone out there willing to do this and upload to the Subsim Web Site Downloads section? I can't be the only one that would love to use the Type IX's. At present they are death traps incapable of seeing beyond 3000 yds on a clear day. Aircraft are invisible until they are actually making their bombing run.

David I

See Post #9 below for a happy ending.

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