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PS some of the types of kit available with Steel Fury's STA mod are illustrated here:

I think all the AFVs are playable, tho some will have only a few missions with them as the player's mount.

Panzer Elite with the PP2x or PE3 mods is also worth considering; the graphics are better with the mods but still dated, though platoon command and control and radio traffic are both much better represented than in Steel Fury. Frinik can maybe confirm it runs under Win 10:

If post-WW2 tanking is an interest, an option worth considering is Steel Armour - Blaze of War - just two playable tanks (M60A1 and T-62) and it doesn't have Steel Beasts classic NATO-v-WARPAC setting but technically it's very good, especially as the developers have updated the original version.

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