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If you are fixiated on WWII, well, then that is like that.

If you want a simulation of mechanised ground warfare tactics and armoured combat vehicles 50's-present, there is only one contender: Steel Beasts Pro.

Sticky at the top of the forum list.

Over one dozen armies int he wEst use it for crew training. The software is practcially identical, just enriched with even greater maps of often classified nature, and an interface for the external instructors.

Be advised that that sticky is no longer updated by me. SBP now is on version 3.0, and 4.0 is just coming out these days, with massive additions, improvements, and new, smoother terrain engine. Youtube holds many SBP videos, but always check the date they were mnade at, and the verison. The differences in gameplay and features and graphics can be massive.

eSim links in that sticky.

3.0 is on sale I read. 4.0 is coming soon, any day. I would wait for 4.0.
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