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Originally Posted by Lootron View Post
2 more questions: Can you switch control to a wingman once your tank is gone? if so, how? And can you repair your tank when it is immobilized?

read your profile, I like atlantic fleet too!
Yes AF's a great game, I just wish Killerfish had added some DLC content and a 'realism tweak' update before moving onto Cold Waters and the Cold War under the surface. Still love & play AF though. I have a big and IMHO justly very positive review of AF over at CombatAce and some Mission Reports there too.

In PE, when your tank is destroyed, you should find yourself instantly transported to a wingman's. If that's not happening, well I don't think it's a game settings option so maybe the mod you're playing has disabled it, in an .ini file entry somewhere that the game options menu doesn't touch - with a hand-edit of the right line, it should be possible to revert to default behaviour. Takeovers will not continue to happen after your own platoon has been ko'ed. Happens a bit fast but I much prefer being able to 'shift my flag' to another platoon tank to Steel Fury where your mission ends when your own tank or TC is clobbered.

You should also be able to switch tanks at any time to any other platoon tank. Select it - usually I click the triangle marker under its numbered box marker, in the Mousetank, which switches to an 'over the shoulder' view of the other tank, but does not execute the takeover. To do that, while in that view, hit Ctrl+J, after which you should find that this tank is now yours and responds accordingly to commands.

Sometimes - in PE3 I found this, especially - your own tank got irretrievably stuck, oftern on a very minor obstacle. And the only way to unstick it was to switch to another tank, at which point the AI who took over your former tank would get it moving again. Can also be tried in reverse, if you look back and see a wingman has got stuck.

BTW if your PP2-x Shermans don't look like this Firefly, you're missing the update which added M4s to the models treated to an update in that mod.

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