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Originally Posted by Plissken_04 View Post
I had some discussions about the Video- and Musicfiles with the Mods in the German Ubiforum,cause they tought,this were Copyright protected material,so they said,that i are not allowed to post the Link to the SH3 Mods longer in the Forum.

I copied these files to another place and deleted the video and musicfiles,cause these files were in the same folder as the SH3 Mods.

Then i created new users in the NAS and give them newer Networkaccess.

The user Maik is the only person with a password to have full access to the SH3 Mods on the FTP Server.

If anybody opens the Link to my FTP Server,then you need a Username & Password,to get access,both can be find in my Signature.

So i apologise to you,that you had some troubles with the download,but you can try it again.

So Long

I made like you say, but automatical stop d/l... after 1 sec. 3 february I made near 20 time for d/l. So if you can - send me mods by e-mail.
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