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Thankyou for your excellent collection, a great service to the SH3 community, however, I request that you remove my Ambiance and Lighting mod from your archive at your earliest convenience as it was never meant for general release. From the readme:

Damo's Lighting and Ambiance for Flakmonkeys New Interiors v1.0 & Open Conning Tower Hatch TestFMFood (v.0.7 beta)

This is a beta version of my lighting mod for the new interiors and open conning tower, provided for feedback only. Do not redistribute unless permission is granted by me.
The files were sent to a select few including the people whose files I edited for evaluation and feedback. At no point did I agree to public release and at no point did I receive any requests for such a release (which would have been denied). Due to the beta stage of this mod I did not include credits to those whose files I used and to those that offered me help and advice during it's development, I not only feel that it's inclusion in your archive is against my wishes, but potentially against theirs as well.

Finally, I offer no support to those who already have this mod and in it's present state may or may not have bugs that could cause stability issues. I therefore am not responsible for any issues you may encounter with your game or system when using these files.


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