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Default Idea for more customers

As they say advertisement is key.
I know this has been covered before but please hear me out.
Youtube is a fantastic way to advertise. I found your game and was compelled to buy it because of Wolfpack345 game play. But as of now no more videos of game play have been made on Youtube for months. I think it would help if gamers could record game files that could be played back, after game play ended to create cinematics in their videos. This would generate new interest and give you loads of free advertising. Take a look at Wolfpack345 SH3 videos. Granted the camera he uses is during game play (which we would not want for Wolfpack as it breaks immersion), but it adds so much interest to the game that I am sure many have found their way into a uboat because of videos like these. Please consider this option for the future.

Thank you and your amazing team for all the hard work.
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