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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
How is it not working in the conning tower? Screen rendering distortion? Black out when entering it? Straight out game crash? Usually screenshots help to tell what the issue is. They can't fix what they can't know.
Normally, as you move your cursor to the right or the left, the screen view will adjust itself to where you point it. In the case of the conning tower, when you try to move the cursor to the left or right, the cursor will not move past a certain limited range -- thereby preventing you from placing the cursor over any of the necessary sub's controls that fall outside of that range, such as the periscope or navigation controls. The screen viewport width was defined to be within a certain limited number of pixels based on a smaller screen size. The viewport width isn't being set the same way that it is on the other sub environments. If you look at the code, you will almost certainly see that is the case, which is why I am convinced it is an easy fix, but since I don't have access to the code, I can't say precisely where the problem is. Although I can see various sub controls to the right and left of the ladder that is in the center of the screen, the cursor doesn't quite allow me to move past that ladder in any direction to the right or left. I hope that explains it.

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