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I think your focus on graphics wiz bang will lead to folly. The problem is it is always a bridge too far. Many a development TEAM has falling into this trap. There is a huge hole in the market for a ww2 simulation of the caliber of Dangerous Waters. Something with gun directors that can (an must) be allocated to guns, search lights, a damage model that models listing, and counter flooding, a damage model with enough detail where keeping aircraft aboard ship is a concern, ect ect ect. Something like that old DOS game Action Stations. I dont want an arcade shooter. I want a game with RNG that takes into account crew quality, experience, nationality differences, ect. When a ship opens fire, I want the hit rate to be as close as possible to historical odds. No arcade shooters.

A game like that doesnt even need a 3D view. In fact, if I were working on it, I would do the 3D graphics last.
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