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Am I mistaken or is this more a scripted interactive movie or VR demo, than a game? Checking the links from the links provided, players report playing times of 5-10 minutes, and always the same going of events.

There are quite some porgrams like thios, uusally to illustrate the ISS, the Sistine chapel, the palace of Versaille and such,. so why not depc8ting a U-Boot this way, too. But it shou,.d then not be advertised in a way that gives the idea of it beign a full-blown game - becasue it seems it is not!?

5 Euros per episode imo is quite expensive already. The demonstrators I mentioned, are free, or cost less.

You said you are going for VR in the near future. If racing is your thing, I can talk you into it: which title to chose for what reasons, and how to set it up best. VR and racing sims are the most natural combinations amongst all game genres. Some non-VR games also work great in 2D in the VR headset - imagine to sit in a multiplex cinema and play your game on the huge screen before you. Doe snto work with all games, Vr sickness can be an issue thjis way. But worth to be checked. For Oculus, the app to look out for would be Virtual Desktop, which master a few other tricks, too, and a mod for cineplex cinema (from Sydney, meanwhile demolished).

The cinema, not the city.

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