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Steel Fury Mods and Resources Thread

LAST UPDATE 24-January-2011

Note that the Western publisher Lighthouse has declared bankruptcy in Spring 2009, and no longer exists. The Lighthouse forums are shut down. Official support is not to be expected.

playable tanks: 3 (T-34/76 mod. 1941, Mk.II ***8216;Matilda' III, Pz. IV Ausf. F2.)

30+ missions in 3 campaigns, mission editor, night battles, varying weather. Single player only.

Homepage: (thx Zvald)

Forums: (thx Zvlad)

Reviews: (by Skybird)

Reviews in Dutch language: (thx Zvlad)

Graviteam's list of reviews (many in Kyrillic, note that the early ones are written on the basis of the Russian release of the game, which is not completely identical to the western release, thus they are not explicitly listed in the SF resources, since we focus on the Western release here):

Regarding the planned addon "Fall Blau":

Originally Posted by zvlad
Fall Blau - the project is finished in August, 2008.
The project edition while is frozen.

start -- 01.06.2008
finish -- 28.08.2008

Best Regards
Vladimir Zayarniy


unofficial temporary patch v0.1, 1st December 2008 (thx woofiedog)
"The patch 0.1 is noted as being in the form of a mod, so can be reversed at your choice or if the publisher gets its act together and makes a properly working western version." (thx Lieste)

Alternatively, this modder's patch can be used to add the missing German sights to the Pz-IV.

The tracks being thrown off when hitting 'T' for periscope control can be avoided by remapping the view control to a different key.


Steel Panzer mod 1.5 BETA (thanks to Kyth for hosting!)

Steel Panzer Mod 1.4 (thx Sledgehammer)

Better Head Movement Mod (Thanks Fercyful)

Playable Stug III, with three missions included [compatible with Tiger 0.98 and 1.0 mod] (thanks Frinik)

Tiger 1.0 Mod (with thanks to Sidorova from the forums)

(if you are playing an english install and don't want to figure out how to read Russian the hard way, I have found a quick fix that will return your menu language to english.
In "Tiger_Mod_v1.0\data\k42\loc_rus" find the folder called "text." in that folder there should be a text file called "loc_kit" rename that file or move it to a different spot. so far it has returned all my menu tabs back to english but I'll still take a good look around to see if it messed anything up-SH427)

The Tiger Enhancement Pack (for the Tiger 1.0 mod) (thanks ShoCKwaVe)

Steel Fury Mods at

Kyth's mission packs (thanks Kyth)
(download links, additional instructions, and mission summaries are all in the link below)

Steel Fury: Missions for the Panzer 38(t) ((Required mods listed here))

Friedrich-Wilhelm's Steel Fury Missions for Tiger 0.98 Mod (of course, thanks to F-W)

Others: (demo to be found here!)

The so-called Tiger-fibel:
(Another Tiger-Fibel post, Thanks to Darren/KnightsCross!)

German gunnery sights, aiming and range estimation explained:

Credit goes to Skybird, who compiled all of these links (I added a few) before I jumped on as moderator. Vielen dank!
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I will eventually find a new repository for my old mods once I look through and make sure none are outdated

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