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From TVRE ( ):

The main disadvantage of the Ausdampfverfahren method was the relatively long time needed for suppressing changes of target bearing. That's why, on the basis of this method, another procedure was developed, the so called Auswanderungsverfahren method. This procedure was less accurate than Ausdampfverfahren, but required taking only two target bearings 1 minute apart and measuring (or estimating) the distance to the target during the taking of the first bearing.
Yes, thank you! That's indeed really close to what I'm doing.

Again, I guess bearing reading is probably not as accurate as horizontal scale reading but I'm glad someone gives me a document (or rather the name of a procedure) closely related to what I proposed!

We already had the 4- and 3-bearings method, I guess we could call this one the 2-bearings method.

Thanks again.
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