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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
I would like to see that as the end result of Wolfpack, but even discussing it is some time away. We have to finish Wolfpack first.

SH2 and DC was a huge community success and I think Wolfpack is the perfect platform for a reboot. The Allied side would have a few human controlled escorts. One of the escort players would be the Convoy Commander and he could shift the convoy's course once a ship was attacked. Naturally, there would have to be limits to allow for balanced gameplay for U-boats and Escorts. A convoy in real life can scatter and spend 24 hours reassembling but in a 2 hour real time game I would think a single course change would be enough to make it a challenge without making it impossible for the U-boats.
Stretching my memory a bit far to a time that seems to have vanished, the implementation of interop play (I'm sure they didn't call it coop) was a community project after Ubisoft abandoned it and essentially handed over the code?
I honestly can't remember now, maybe I'm getting it mixed up? I should remember as I was one of the testers.
Once it was up and running though, there was a great response from the community and people keen to play both roles.

I do agree that this seems like the perfect platform to build a modern version.
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