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Originally Posted by Lootron View Post
I got PP2-x. I used the mod enabler, everything installed correctly. Except when I get to the mod enabler. I enabled the mod. The bar progressed a little bit then it went into "not responding" mode. I did this more than once. While it did this it took all my disk usage.
IIRC the Mod Enabler does this with larger mods, and PP2-x is a larger mod. In Vista 64 anyway, leave it alone long enough and it will complete, even though reporting 'not responding'.

It's important to be aware that - unlike most other games which use a similar mod enabler - in PE, the mods are two folders deep. For example in my case, the path in which PP2-x is installed looks like this (I installed NOT into the Program Files(x64) folder, as many older games don't like this):


Without the second 'PP2-x' level, the enabler will not put the files into the correct folders. If PP2-x has its own self-installer and it was given the corrrect path, it probably took care of this. Was probably fine as you could see the mod in the enabler's LH panel.

When you launch the Mod Enabler now, does any mod show up as enabled in the RH panel?

What happens if you start Panzer Elite? IIRC there will be something on the home/main menu screen indicating the name of the active mod (if the maker has designated one in the mod's .ini file).

Not sure what state aborting a run then re-starting will leave things in. If run again and alllowed to finish, it might work fine. But might not 'disable' cleanly. Worst case scenario, uninstall PE, delete any remaining folders, re-install.

Becomes second nature after the first time!

Best place for further advice is the PEDG forum.
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