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This is the the best place to ask about all aspects of PE and its mods - the current forum of the Panzer Elite Development Group:

Their website is here: It's a bit old now but still has links to stuff like my British Voice Pack, and a 1943-era British tank manual, mainly aimed at levels higher than troop/platoon.

PEDG is the group that produced the mods that were released with Panzer Elite Special Edition, including the original Ostpak, Britpack '44, Torch, Panzer Pack 2 and Monty-v-Rommel. Newer versions of most of these are available or in development - details on the forum above.

There is a gunnery range mission somewhere.

My advice once you have the vanilla game installed and the 1.2 patch applied (n/k if it comes with the GoG version) to d/l, enable and play with mods which are built with the new .exe file. You don't want to be without the things it adds, like better tank and infantry AI and proper time of flight for ballistic trajectories (the big flaws in the stock game).

Learn gunnery (and everything else - including handling your tank and later, controlling the others in your platoon) in the Instant Action mode. Pick the German side and a Tiger or King Tiger (both for your own tank and as 'wingmen') - that will mean you have to worry less about being knocked out while you are figuring out how not to be. If your command tank is KO'ed you are automatically and rather quickly transferred to the next tank in your platoon.

Learn the German gunner's sight first. Usually it has two zoom settings. Even if your German is no better than mine, the original Tigerfibel is quite a good source on this and gunnery, generally:

Google will also turn oup other advice on German tank sights. With PE-x mods you can correct your aim from observation of the tracer as well as from fall of shot.

Listen to the target indications you get on the intercom/radio net, and see displayed on the text panel bottom of screen.

Switch to the external view from time to time to get a better picture of what is going on around you.Learn the keys to swap between this view and gunner's sight view so you can do so quickly.

Consider playing from the tank commander's view so you are not frequently viewing the world through a drinking straw. You can designate targets by mouseclick, and your AI gunner will engage. Or you can just tell him (not just the platoon) to 'fire at will' - he is very good ay identifying targets for himself, depending on skill level.

Start every battle by immediately turning your tank to face the enemy while at the same time driving into the best cover that you can get into quickly. As your tank moves, order your platoon into wedge or line, so that they too will orient their thickest armour and primary arcs of observation towards the threat (sadly in PE the AI tanks are not good at getting into cover for themselves but you soon learn to try to lead them all into cover).

Avoid closing with enemy armour more than you have to, to engage them, as you will get flanked faster.

Try to get into folds in the ground from which you can see and shoot the enemy but where you are 'hull down', with much of your tank out of their fields of fire and only your turret showing.

After a few rounds, back up out of sight - if there is no cover from structures or in the lie of the land, you can pop smoke in most tanks to give you a small smoke screen, and in some tanks fire smoke shells at an enemy as in 'Fury'. Then come at him from a different angle so he's not homing in on you. Watch your flanks because he will try to flank you and if you sit too long in one place he will succeed.

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