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Steel Fury is readily available now at Gamersgate... is Steel Armor - Blaze of War. SABOW is also available on Steam. The GG and Steam versions of SABOW are fully patched by developers Graviteam, with the latest features; the DVD version, from a different publisher, can be had in some shops but isn't.

The STA mod for SF is available at the link Frinik posted. It's a 'must have' - the basic game just has a handful of playable tanks and just the one setting, all the other stuff comes with the mods, the STA one being the latest and greatest. IIRC you need to register on the STA forum, for all the links to the necessary files to work. Be sure to follow the install order, using Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler to activate the different components exactly in the order indicated here:

Good hunting!

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