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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
Some observations from me:

Don't type symbol = in comments field! Well, don't put = in any fields. Result is that entirely EntryText will be missing:

When a ship sunk, the navigation officer informed me. But from installation instructions I replace "She's going down!" with "Following plotted course!" to hide the fact of sinking. Well, in every situations by now, this is noticeable for me.
But if I don't have navigation officer in his station, then I don't have any message for sinking ship.
I found that having the Nav say "Returning to course." for no reason was a dead giveaway. It's just as easy to null out 4140, 4141, and 4142 with semicolons in en_menu.txt. This doesn't cause any problems and doesn't result in an empty line, so I get no indication of a successful sinking. I use h.sie's and Stiebler's patches, so I can get some idea of how well I am doing from how happy BdU sounds, but I'm never sure till I turn in my report.

Thanks, LGN1, for this mod, which adds a lot of fun and feel to the game. Because of the need to report sinkings, I find myself keeping more notes on patrol events and making a more detailed patrol report. Nice! It's mods like this that add to the sense of immersion in the game, not finger-walking up ladders.
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