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Nuke Fixed and Improved unit - three funnel big old liner

Hi everyone!
Today, while making some tests for a wip unit i'm slowling modelilng, i've found a major 3D bug into previous release of NTUS_ three funnel liner.
In fact, in previous release, second mast was floating into air and cables were not attacked to ground
I think i've released a wrong version instead the final one.
Sorry for this!

This is the fixed version!

Also, i've reworked some little details in superstructures who where too similar (in my opinion) to parent unit, a typical italian style liner (Conte Verde), and added a couple of details.
Now the unit appears more "generic", for correct use with other nations...

D\L link:

Best regards,

Those, others and WIP ships are avaiable in my SHIPYARD here:

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