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Originally Posted by MBot
Fast Attack
You have just recorded your name in history, my Swiss friend.


From the review:

The games I played in Fast Attack were very enjoyable. You get a sense of authenticity playing this sim. There is no real time "map view" to allow you to cheat and locate targets. The only map view available is generated from the satellite intelligence and your sonar bearings, which could be accurate or not, depending on your skill in tracking contacts. This is a plus for realism. Your torpedoes are wire-guided and will acquire when they come in sonar contact with a vessel. You better be sure the vessel you target is the enemy, because your ADCAPs have no qualms about taking out friendlies and oil rigs. When you are assigned a long range strike, you access the satellite bearings and launch Tomahawk cruise missiles from your vertical launch tubes. When one of your torpedoes or Harpoons does successfully reach a target, you are given a video cutaway of the action. You wouldn’t be able to witness the demolition of a light cruiser in a real sub, but it’s still pretty neat to see your handiwork. And the quality of the animation; from your torps leaving your boat, to the seconds before they kill a target, even an airport hangar with guys standing around smoking as your Tomahawks come barging in; the scenes are excellent. Unlike Jane's 688(I), you cannot ever see your own sub from the outside, nor enemy vessels. And you cannot fasten a camera to your torpedo and guide it to the target by sight. You see only what a real fast attack sub captain can see, nothing more. Sierra hits the mark in this department: no cheats. You see the 3D views only when your weapons are destined to strike.
So, no one ever won a medal in Fast Attack but ol' Onkel Neal, eh? Nice! Now, on to Mystery Subsim #22.



Mystery Subsim winners
The following people have won a Mystery Subsim challenge and have had their name added to the prize pool.

11/1 MS#1 - Mikekiller16 - Sub Battle
11/1 MS#2 - Fincuan - Wolfpack
11/1 MS#3 - Nisgeis - 688 Attack Sub
11/1 MS#4 - Mookie - Silent Service II
11/2 MS#5 - Contact - Steel Tide
11/2 MS#6 - To be - Destroyer Command
11/3 MS#7 - Fincuan - Enigma: Rising Tide
11/3 MS#8 - Molon Labe - Sub Command
11/4 MS#9 - Subnuts - Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North Atlantic
11/4 MS#10 - Subnuts - Iron Wolves
11/5 MS#11 - Danlissa - Navy Ops Warship Gunner
11/5 MS#12 - Fincuan - Silent Hunter II
11/6 MS#13 - gandalf71 - Pacific Aces
11/6 MS#14 -gandalf71 - Fighting Steel
11/6 MS#15 - SandyCaesar - Ship Hunt
11/7 MS#16 - Fincuan - Lost Admiral Returns
11/7 MS#17 - Subnuts - Danger from the Deep
11/8 MS#18 - D'biter - Tom Clancy's SSN
11/8 MS#19 - Subnuts - Salvo!
11/9 MS#20 - Subnuts - Command Aces of the Deep
11/9 MS#21 - MBot - Fast Attack

Wrong Guess Count
Herr_Pete - 1
Phoenix3000 - 1
Fincuan - 1
Mikekiller16 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
Captain Vlad - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)

Graf Paper - 1
Molon Labe - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
TLAM Strike - 1
SteamWake - 1
Raptor1 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
SteveW1 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
gandalf71 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)
kiwi_2005 - 2 (one more wrong guess and you're out)

Rhodes - 1
nikimcbee - 1
robbierob2005 - 1
danlisa - 1
XabbaRus - 1
LobsterBoy - 1
rifleman13 - 1

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