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Originally Posted by KaleunMarco View Post
so you transited the mined straits using the external camera?
that's gutsy!
and you want to make it harder? are you mad?

I did transit the mined straits by checking the external camera within close proximity, which allowed me to do what FM sonar would do essentially. I also plotted the minefield on the map as progressed in case can't exit via La Perouse Strait, or Tsugaru Strait as planned (both mined, narrow, and heavily patrolled as well) , I know the way out.

Some subs were actually assigned not to enter Sea of Japan, but to plot the minefields using FM. USS Seahorse is one I recall, was almost lost on that patrol also when ran into some top notch patrol vessels.

Lol well I like the challenge and its a major element missing from late war in SH 4. Would also like a less time consuming way to detect mines as well than to run at 32x time compression and check the external cam. . Would be intense to transit the strait with FM sonar and external cam off, have the game slow like when make a radar or visual contact.
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