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Default Seahunter will stay away from Kickstarter - I am Sorry.

I've thought this decision through for a long time.

I would like to apologize to you.

My decision, has nothing to do with Kickstarter directly, but with the "German laws" and their "authorities".

Therefore I - absolutely - want to keep my distance from my "real" idea to force kickstarters.

The reason is easy to explain: Someone who presents a project here in Germany has to pay more than 50% to the tax office.

That means: more than 50 % of the paid money, come:
- Tax officials,
- Politicians;
- and other persons of the same species,

... but not the Seahunter project.

You don't have to worry, the Kickstarter was just meant to support Seahunter in expanding the existing missions.

Yes, I took a lot of private money into my hands.
But I will not allow the German tax office to enrich itself with your "donations".

Even a Seahunter has his salt!

and exactly this pride, drive it. With every hour, every minute I work on it.

I may soon give you a Paypal address, for support, until then: I stand far away from it and continue.
And no:
A Seahunter, doesn't let himself be torn down by it!

and it will also not feed our "German authorities" in "war enlightenment" to that effect:

To present facts wrongly.

And even if Seahunter is "only" an acarte game: I won't take any step backwards to at least put the truth into the story.
As the intro already tells us

We fight - for our Freeedom,
We fight - For our Honor.
We are her, to fight for the Future.

Seahunter is not to be killed, and Seahunter WILL PUBLISHED!

No matter who it suits, or not!
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