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My pleasure Stiebler.
And, if I may...


To the chaps using OLCE2 with NYGM
To say that OLCE2 breaks NYGM might be an overstatement, but it does make some things function differently than NYGM's authors intended. Obviously ships will see worse at night. While this is arguably a good thing in GWX, the same cannot necessarily be said for NYGM, which has sensors set differently to GWX. Furthermore, using OLCE2 in NYGM will give you GWX's wave heights, which would "break" this part of NYGM:
Originally Posted by NYGM 3.0 Manual

Schnorchelling improved (Stiebler)

Maximum wave height has been reduced, partly again to improve visibility in stormy weather, partly to improve detection by escorts of the U-boat at periscope depth, but also to reduce crew fatigue while schnorchelling in stormy seas. The constant oscillation of the crew from diesel room to electric room as the schnorchel falls below the water surface has a very serious effect on crew fatigue, and this can have a drastic effect on the engine-room crews ability to perform during very long schnorchel cruises in late 1944 or early 1945. In stormy weather, schnorchel at night closer to the surface than usual in order to reduce this effect.

There may be other adverse effects as well.

In contrast, the OLC Horizon Fix for NYGM won't alter the NYGM gameplay in any way at all. It just fixes the horizon and some stock graphics bugs, as described above by Stiebler.

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