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Originally Posted by Herman View Post
Sources often vary, which begs the big question, will players be able to modify operational data if they feel one source is more credible than another? This is how it is done in both Harpoon and NWAC, the games do not profess to be omniscient. Players can enter their own operational data parameters. Of course, there are some self-important developers (of games that cannot be mentioned) who think they know it all and only have one set of 'allowable and acceptable' performance data.
That goes right in with modability - so it's something I'll definitely be aiming to include.
Originally Posted by Herman View Post
I read about a hypothetical Soviet missile guidance system whereby one missile acted as the targeting system facilitator for a group of other missiles that actually carried warheads. This was supposedly used to facilitate long-range over-the-horizon engagements. It was only mentioned in a novel, so I do not know if it ever existed or not (probably not.)

Will the game be able to simulate and allow such potential systems?
More than hypothetical, that's the actual way the P-500s and their derivatives/modernizations work.

Both of these things are the sorts of things I'd definitely want to include - the latter in particular has been on my mind as I've been working on the cruise missiles, since something like this would so radically alter their behavior.

Hard to say what'll make it into the early access or not, though.
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