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Originally Posted by Ahnenerbe View Post
Hello Fitzcarraldo !!
This assembly was doing for a long time and it was my first job in S3D. Remove the Eagles is not difficult, just remove what I have in the screenshot. So is the rest turms do the same operation.
++ Ahnenerbe ++

Hi there matey..

I have followed your instructions to remove the eagles from the conning towers...It removes the bronze tga file ,However this is still there...The black file I guess its the alpha image and have no idea on how to remove it...

Some pin pointed guidance would be great !

Edit :

Forget it..

I have done with it...had to delete the tga eagle entrances with SH3 editor and now they are gone..going to test this in game and then if you give me permition I will upload it here for the people that want the U-boats without these eagles on the conning tower !

I'll be waiting for your permission to upload the file fixed with no conning towers !


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