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Default [REL] menu_1024_768.ini Renumbering Tool

GUI-modders and other people who manually edit the menu_1024_768.ini surely hate the time-consuming renumbering process of the menu groups and items. My little tool does that renumbering process automatically.

When you add a new item, be sure that the header (e.g. [G3F Ixxx] ) of the new item has the correct Group Id. The Item Id (Ixxx) does not matter.
After running the tool, the new Item (and all following Items) automatically get assigned the correct Item Id.

Usage is simple:

1. Select the menu_1024_768.ini file which you want to renumber.
2. Input the Group Id of the Group which has to be renumbered.
3. Input the Item Id at which the renumber process has to start.
4. Press the Renumber-Button.
(The renumbered file is always written to C:\ , so that the original file will not be overwritten.)
5. Make a backup copy of the original file.
6. Move the renumbered file to the desired directory.

Download from my filefront-page

My Mediafire page:

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