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I will say, i have learned that the enemy subs don't necessarily go active sonar until its reasonably certain they have detected you via passive sonar first. NOW

However, in past instances of the game, i find that it almost never matters where i am above or below the Strong layer / Strong Duct - whether i am ultra quiet and set for 2 knots there doesnt appear to be any rhyme or reason as to how well the enemy boats can hear me on passive sonar.

My frustrations have stemmed from being detected almost immediately when the mission starts. campaign, single mission, doesn't matter. More often than not, before i can even issue my first orders here it comes PING PING "con sonar, launch transient..." and within literally seconds, im in a fight for my life zigging and zagging at flank speed launching decoys and forming knuckles while evading seven or eight torpedoes. and all i had time to do was start the mission and order ultra quiet.

with the latest releases this has diminished a lot actually - i can now at least maneuver my boat into baffles at great range and catch up to the target before taking them out at knife fight range.


in rigging for ultra quiet and ordering speed reduction to 2 knots you have to do it in a specific order.

if you order two knots THEN order ultra quiet - the water fall and your noise values react as if you are moving at 5 knots (since this is the default ultra quiet speed) even though you are still at 2 knots ordered.

However, if you order ultra quiet THEN order 2 knots, the noise values and water fall are at the actual 2 knots.
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