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Originally Posted by DicheBach View Post

However, I disagree with you that it is "pointless,"
More along the lines of buying a Volkswagen and then suggesting with a little more work it could be Porsche. While that statement may be true, the point of producing a VW or in this case Cold Waters was not to make a Porsche or a Silent Hunter variant.

Anything can be "so much more" but at some point developers say enough, that's all its going to be. I am of the opinion that CW is as fleshed out as it is ever going to get. At best we can hope for a better mission editor, perhaps the ability to import mesh designs for different subs and some of the minor outstanding issues polished up.

If you wish to tilt at windmills on every site you come across, that is your prerogative but I assume when doing so you realize that your horizon will not be getting much closer than it is now.

Hope springs eternal = denial in most cases.

You might enjoy the game more if you play it for what it is and not what you wish it was.
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